What takes courage?

I guess it depends upon the context and the individual.

Jumping out of a plane, (with an attached parachute of course), may be an act of courage for some, sheer stupidity for others or simply ‘ho hum’ for a small minority, (of brave nutters) perhaps!

Your cultivated experience and environment often dictate what constitutes courage.

For me, jumping onto the dance floor would be a courageous act.

Some may rightly claim that it takes courage to then stay and watch me dance?

Often actions, or taking action are closely linked and identified with courage though. This is a reasonable assumption as they are clear and obvious, valued and appreciated. However, what I feel is not quite so understood and appreciated are those other forms of courage that go almost unnoticed, except by close family and friends. For example, those suffering from physical or mental conditions execute courage just to get through life, many suffering in silence.

Another form of courage is being creative.

To be truly creative means stepping out of your comfort zone and trying different things in different ways that are often dismissed, ridiculed and criticised, (often by those less empowered to be creative). By expressing yourself in whatever form, (especially outside the more formal constructs in society), can leave you quite exposed and vulnerable.

Without the support and understanding from family and friends, staying true to your particular creative passion can indeed be a lonely road, persevering in the wake of negative feedback I feel takes courage. This form of courage is less apparent, valued and understood, but nonetheless vital for personal growth and self-worth.

Finally, attempting and being creative requires a special kind of resilience which is truly courageous.

What different types of courage do you have inside you?

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