About Thwart

Embark on a Journey of discovery in a battle against the elements!

Thwart is based on a collection of short stories from the Books of the Elements – Earth, Air, Water & Fire as you travel around the world of Thwart and completing each story Book level.

It is a game of pure mystery and intrigue, where you’ll need to adapt your strategy to meet the challenges that will confront you moving around the Elements (Earth, Air, Water & Fire) and earning valuable crystals as you go.

The Elements

Randomly selected tiles representing the elements must all be placed onto the board to complete a game. These tiles come in four different sizes.






Crystals – are rewards collected at the completion of a game. Crystals have special powers that can be used during a game to collect more crystals or to avoid them being thwarted.


Resize vial – gives you the power to change the shape of an existing tile.

Unlock vial – gives you the power to unlock a tile trapped in a frame.

Swap vial – gives you the power to swap the colours of the two tiles.

Recycle vial – gives you the power to remove a tile from the board.


  • each game contains a unique frame.
  • tiles placed in the frame are locked.
  • there are four distinctive vials that contain crystals.
  • earn up to three crystals in any game.
  • Release crystals to empower yourself.
  • Play a game multiple times with multiple strategies.
  • Tiles are available in four distinct colours and shapes.
  • Stunning graphics, game play and sound effects.
  • Introductory tutorial to guide you, where you can earn bonus crystals.
  • Game theme based on the four elements.

Thwart Reviews

“This game is really challenging and requires different strategies to solve the puzzles. You will need as may crystals as you can get so don’t waste them and go back to the earlier levels to get as many as you can. It was a hit for me!”

– Tracey, Mathematics teacher

“This is so cool and so stimulating when you get into it! Great to have something to play that is exciting and make your brain move. Highly recommend!.”

– Hthothebb (iTunes)

“Great game with unique game play A new type of puzzle game that is very enjoyable and addictive. Very refreshing to play. Thanks for making this.”

– Peter O’neill (Googleplay)

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