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Glenn's Creativity Products are full of games, logic, challenges to play alone or together with friends in hours of fun

My passion is to invent and then distil new and innovative creative ideas that I can then share with others through my creative workshops. These ideas take the form of logic based games and puzzles using colourful and tactile pieces, which act to stimulate the creative process.

It is my belief that creativity is very much a sensory experience, greatly enhanced in a learning environment that fosters and enables real engagement with others.


Mobile game app

Embark on a journey of discovery in a battle against the elements.

Wrestle with clues inscribed in stone to unscramble your puzzle, a puzzle which may hold the key to your survival ! Along the way seek out hidden crystals that grant you special powers. But watch out, or you may Thwart yourself in the crossfire!

Thwart Reviews

“This game is really challenging and requires different strategies to solve the puzzles. You will need as may crystals as you can get so don’t waste them and go back to the earlier levels to get as many as you can. It was a hit for me!”

– Tracey, Mathematics teacher

“This is so cool and so stimulating when you get into it! Great to have something to play that is exciting and make your brain move. Highly recommend!.”

– Hthothebb (iTunes)

“Great game with unique game play A new type of puzzle game that is very enjoyable and addictive. Very refreshing to play. Thanks for making this.”

– Peter O’neill (Googleplay)


Mobile game app

What is Crossworks?

Crossworks is a puzzle that will leave you with Pins & Needles, tie you up in Knots and bamboozle you Hook, Line & Sinker !

Buckle under pressure and you’ll miss out on rewards that will allow you to take off the Chains that may ensnare you.

These are the Works, each represents a different pattern.

Crossworks Reviews

“A game which gets you hooked straight away. It is easy to play, very relaxing as the App helps you by displaying the
options you have already arranged but at the same time encourages you to think and create new patterns.

My children, 12 and 9 years old, told me that it is like a Maths lesson, but with ‘lots more fun’!

This game is amazing, and I have been looking in AppStore for a while for a game like this which is not only exciting and fun to play but presents a challenge, and you have to use your creative thinking skills to get the puzzles solved!


– Mila

“My kids loved this puzzle app! They found it challenging, addictive and fun. Really interesting concepts and gameplay. Highly recommend this.”

– Sarah, working mum


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