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Creativity Questions?

Let’s have a chat!

Being Creative can bring up some very interesting challenges, inspirations and thoughts! Questions are a great way to connect, solve problems and find creative answers that you are seeking! Ask me a question and let’s start your creative journey!


Glenn’s reviews

I found the creative workshop that I attended called “Work Throughs” really fun and stimulating. I had no idea what to expect and found it really engaging and interesting. There were puzzles that we had to work out ourselves, then there were games that we played against others. I really loved the playing pieces, so colourful and lovely to handle. I recommend the workshop to anyone wishing to try something different and wants to meet new people

– Veemita Allied Health Coordinator

Being a highly Creative person, I usually find structured activities a challenge I was surprised that it was so easy to follow and you enjoyed the methodological nature of the game! Highly Recommended!

– Steph, Editor/ Professional writer & freelancer

Stimulating, challenging and different. Loved it! A great insight into how I engage with others in creativity

– Helen, Productivity Mindset Expert

“Glenn created an Excellent workshop for those Entrepreneurs aiming for success in the growth phase of their business! We were given a highly engaging & successful workshop perfect for Small Business owners & Entrepreneurs to find a way to collaborate, develop and achieve higher levels of engagement with their business partners and community. Great feedback & results!”

– Focus Now

I got a bit hooked on the activities and wanted explore all the different Combinations! I found the activities to be therapeutic, and enjoyed getting me head stuck into them!

– Jade, Program Coordinator, busy mother of 3